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The Conscious Activist

Where Activism Meets Mysticism

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ISBN-13: 978-1780288437 ISBN-10: 1780288433

Watkins 12/9/2014 • Kindle Edition

“The great visionary activist James O’Dea communicates the ideals of peace in ways that summon spiritual and social evolution”

— Jean Houston, founder of the field of Social Artistry



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“Reading The Conscious Activist you will drop to your knees in heart-opening awe and then you will rise to your feet inspired to act in a truly transformational way.”

— Marianne Williamson


“James O’Dea is a modern day prophet who has journeyed further than anyone I know in the ways of peace”

— Lynne Twist, author of The Soul of Money and cofounder of the Pachamama Alliance







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An extraordinary and rousing manifesto from award-winning author James O’Dea, The Conscious Activist is both a compelling narrative and a deep reflection on the demands of mystical realization and effective activism. Throughout the book, O’Dea poses that an integration of the two has the power to permanently transform the social order and to wake up humanity from its course of rapid self-destruction. Divided into two parts, Part I offers parallel narratives of author James O’Dea’s training and spiritual development as both a mystic and an activist. The mystic, he explains, must move past petty ego concerns in order to experience oneness with each other and our divine source. The activist, on the other hand, explores the role of passion and conscience in activating social change. In Part II, O’Dea pursues this fascinating concept of a meeting ground between the two worlds, where spirituality and action unite to spark an accelerated transition towards our greater goal: a more evolved civilization. He asks us all to become conscious activists – to learn, collectively, how to move beyond our rigid conformity to beliefs of the past and its archaic structures of power and control.

James O’Dea


The Conscious Activist: Where Activism Meets Mysticism LAUNCHES December 9th!

James says:

I am grateful to all of you who have pre-ordered The Conscious Activist and thus have helped catapult it pre-release to bestseller status. Thank you for making it part of your year-end gifting…and it is so encouraging to have it listed as an amazon.com “Hot New Release.” Of course, you can buy copies at any online or local bookseller.

In my own life I have seen the crudest abuse of humanity and personally been taken to the edge of despair at man’s inhumanity to man. I’ve also spent time with some of the great spiritual masters on the planet and had my heart opened to the deepest reality of spiritual knowing, of the presence of love and of the power of the mystical realm. It is my deepest hope that we can forge a path which I refer to as Conscious Activism that integrates the power of social transformation and spiritual ecstasy.



Audio (5 min)

In this brief audio clip from the book, I share one of many stories of profound cruelty and the most extraordinary breakthrough an activist can hope for in restoring people’s lives. The soul-lifting impact of our actions became manifest before my eyes:

  • The Conscious Activist describes the many rigorous initiations needed before the power of the activist can become one with the power of the mystic.
  • The Conscious Activist will reveal the sacred conjunction of mystic and activist as you enter into its stories, as you meet its many wisdom keepers and reflect on the threading of ideas whose time has come to ignite the integration of ecstatic spirituality and inspired action.


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