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Peace Ambassador Trainings

Led by renowned social healer

James O’ Dea

and over a dozen top peacebuilders of our day

Next Training Starts May 1st, 2013!


Previous presenters include:
Deepak Chopra, Arun Gandhi, Susan Collin Marks, Aqeela Sherrills, Don Beck, Dot Maver, Belvie Rooks, David Korten, Louise Diamond, Azim Khamisa, Cassandra Vieten, Mark Gerzon, Judith Thompson, Barbara Fields, Michael Nagler, Philip Hellmich

Calling all change agents who are READY to explore profound inner peace and learn the leading-edge practices to truly create peace in our families, communities and our world:

You now have the rare opportunity to access the world’s leading peacebuilders and their step-by-step approaches to navigating conflict and building peace, so you can heal yourself, your family and the world, NOW, when the world needs us most.

We are clearly in a time of the most accelerated changes in history. The skills of defusing and transforming conflict and healing social wounds are at the core of whether we can create a healthy, vibrant, peaceful and sustainable world.

You CAN make a profound difference and truly be part of the change our planet needs – and you can learn to do so effectively with tools and strategies from world-renowned social healer James O’Dea and more than a dozen of the world’s most respected peacebuilders.

We’ll show you how with this 16-week advanced course designed to take you along the peace continuum, from inner peace to international peace. First, we’ll take you into the heart of peace on an inner dimension – both from a scientific and spiritual perspective – and then across the continuum to the practical approaches of transforming conflict on the interpersonal, community, national and international levels.

Watch this short video of Peace Ambassador graduate Erik Kasum describe how the Training changed his life,
helping him create a national peace conference and think tank on peace:

Led by James O’Dea, the former President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and the former Director of Amnesty International in Washington, DC, you’ll learn from someone who combines a deep understanding of the emerging “science of peace” with a depth and breadth of practical field experience in addressing human suffering of all kinds.

The transformation that comes from peacebuilding can also liberate your heart, mind and soul from negative patterns, resistance and fear, allowing you to become a more radiant and effective light in the world.

Therefore, it’s a journey into your deepest self, helping you to heal old wounds, remove barriers to intimacy and trust, cultivate powerful friendships in the world and find your own unique contribution to global transformation.

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