7 Initiations of A Great Peacemaker

True Peace demands big changes – and for many of us, that means undergoing an initiatory journey where we open up to new levels of growth, capacity and insight.

But even with the best intentions for peace, you hit up against resistance, fear and old wounds. The status quo and old paradigms and history block you, too; as do old ways of relating to others, which can lead to negativity and conflict instead of compassion and mutual respect.


Nipun Mehta & ServiceSpace.org 

ServiceSpace.org (formerly Charity Focus) recent inspiring interview with James O'Dea. *Audio, Notes and content below thanks to Nipun Mehta and ServiceSpace.org.


Good Radio Shows, Inc. and Peace Talks Radio recently interviewed James on Becoming A Peace Ambassador and it is featured this month along with show excerpts. Thanks to Paul Ingles and Good Radio Shows for this extraordinary program. Click above to link to the streaming page on the GRS site.

Show Excerpts (From GRS website)....

James O'Dea

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