Audio Journeys

Audio Journeys to the Heart of Inner Space and Evolving Consciousness

I invite you to take a break from the load you carry in the world, from the clutter of so many thoughts and responsibilities and to take a deep dive into the spaciousness of a consciousness which will refresh body, mind and soul. These Journeys are a gift without any cost to you.

Join me in journeying to the ground of being and the mysterious essence of all life.
James O'Dea
The Audio Journeys have struck a chord with early listeners who have experienced them as “ancient memory” “holograms or holygrams” “deep space where the mind experiences reality without thoughts” “very deep brain refreshment” “spiritual union with Nature” “the birth of a highly conscious future.”
Advisory: These Audio Journeys are not designed for casual or analytical listening. They are psycho-spiritual journeys which create a unique experience and which require a peaceful or meditative space. Surrender to the journey.

Please share the Journeys and experiment with group listening.

If you have a comment to send on to James about your individual or group experience with the Audio Journeys use our contact form. He really appreciates hearing from you.

James O’Dea

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