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Prayer, Contemplation & Action
For all those who’ve found Soul Awakening Practice by James O’Dea to be a masterful guide on the path to Peace — now worldwide engagement is beginning.  Join people from diverse cultures and faiths across the planet in a common prayer.
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One Intention — Many Expressions

Springing forth as part of a new global initiative, many fresh and vibrant translations of the Soul Awakening Prayer are pouring in.  You are invited to explore the Prayer in your native language and share your own unique personal expression via audio and video submissions.

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James O'Dea

James O’Dea is author of The Conscious Activist, Cultivating Peace , Soul Awakening Practice (June 2017) and other acclaimed works. James is a former President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Washington office director of Amnesty International and CEO of the Seva Foundation. He worked with the Middle East Council of Churches in Beirut during a time of war and massacre and lived in Turkey for five years during civil upheaval and coup d’etat. 

He has taught peacebuilding to over a thousand students in 30 countries. He has also conducted frontline social healing dialogues around the world. He is a member of The Evolutionary Leaders group and on the Advisory Board of The Peace Alliance and Kosmos Journal. James also mentors emerging leaders. He is an Honorary Fellow of the Laszlo New Paradigm Institute. James is both an activist and mystic.

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Pachamama Alliance
James O’Dea is a modern-day Bard and is deeply engaged in the Great Turning of our times.He draws on his well of wisdom and history of ages in speaking to our times. James is a wise soul and lover of life.
Voluntary Simplicity
James brings a spirit of peace and reconciliation into life with his very being. He is a wise global citizen whose compassionate heart has emerged from the fire of a lifetime of sacred activism. I highly recommend James and the many gifts he brings to our world in transition.
Conscious Evolution
By recognizing and loving that universal essence of being within us, no matter who we are, he reveals and heals the violence. He provides us with a path that each of us can follow to heal ourselves and the world. I find that every moment I spend with him is precious and brings peace to my soul.

Your Personal Peace Assignment in Very Dangerous Times

The Social Healing Project

In 1998, Dr Judith Thompson and James O’Dea began collaborating in the emergent field of social healing with initial funding from The Fetzer Institute. James had worked in Turkey in

1977-80 during the civil conflict there and in Beirut during the 1982 war, subsequent massacres and communal fighting. For ten years he served as the Director of the Washington Office of Amnesty International. Judith had worked with survivors of the Cambodian genocide, lived and worked in Israel/Palestine in 1983, and was for ten years the founder and CEO of Children of War, Inc., an international youth leadership program empowering “wounded healers” to become leaders. She later went on to complete a doctorate in Peace Studies focusing on compassion and social healing.

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Soul Awakening Practice:

Prayer, Contemplation and Action

This is a prayer book for evolutionaries and activists, for deep ecologists, for spiritual seekers engaged in passionate renewal, and for all those thirsty for a spiritually coherent worldview. 

The Soul Awakening Prayer is a repeated mantra. With repetition, it reveals a spiritual universe of both power and beauty. Written by James O’Dea, the former president of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and member of the Evolutionary Leaders Group. The Soul Awakening Prayer not only includes the prayer itself but a section on the power of prayer as well as expanded contemplative line-by-line reflections and explanations by James. 

To provide varying perspectives on this new world view there are commentaries by key luminaries from science, cosmology, evolutionary theory, Yoga, Sufism, and indigenous wisdom. Offering a map that integrates ancient wisdom, modern science and psychology, and the moral imperative for spiritual engagement in individual and societal transformation. The Soul Awakening Prayer reveals a deeply coherent worldview. Be receptive and allow the prayer to illuminate each insight and experience your own unique journey of awakening.


Your heart is not your own.

Ownership is an attribute of mind. There is only one heart in the whole universe. It is the same heart experienced in different degrees by all life. A New Earth is possible when we drop into the freedom of our shared heart. But if we stay on the balcony of the mind - we will only end up painting the same old wounds on a dark and crowded canvas of the future. - James O'Dea

Ways To Engage

Audio Journeys
Download Audio Journeys to the Heart of Inner Space and Evolving Consciousness
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Facebook community where we are sharing reflections and practices from the book, and our application of these practices amidst tulmutuous personal and global challenges.
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Easy ways to circulate the Soul Awakening Prayer online via social media and on the ground in your local community. Leave a brief book review and help the prayer make its way into people’s hearts.

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James O'Dea

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