7 Initiations of A Great Peacemaker

True Peace demands big changes – and for many of us, that means undergoing an initiatory journey where we open up to new levels of growth, capacity and insight.

But even with the best intentions for peace, you hit up against resistance, fear and old wounds. The status quo and old paradigms and history block you, too; as do old ways of relating to others, which can lead to negativity and conflict instead of compassion and mutual respect.

How can you dissolve barriers to peace inside and outside of you, and make your dream of peace a reality – allowing you to enjoy the loving connections that we all know are possible?

How can you truly walk the path of a great peacemaker?

You can learn from someone who’s gone before you and become a beacon of peace in the world, right where you are.

Learn What it Takes to Become a Great Peacemaker

Join us for The 7 Initiations of a Great Peacemaker with world-renowned social healer James O’Dea, where you can learn the steps on the initiatory journey for creating real and lasting peace in all areas of your life.

James has led a life of extraordinary initiations into the heart of human suffering, powerful reconciliation and great peacemaking. And on this call, he will share exciting new insights and material based on his wisdom and intense experience.

Here you’ll quickly discover that peacebuilding is not just an outward journey. It’s also a path to your deepest self, where you can heal old wounds, remove barriers to intimacy and trust, cultivate powerful friendships and discover your unique contribution to global transformation.

James invites each of us to master what he calls the seven initiations of the great peacemaker to step into the most skillful, presenced and potent expression of our work.

Listening to the audio archive, you’ll discover:

  • How you can resonate authenticity, truth-force and the healing energies of compassion on your path to becoming a great peacemaker
  • Key insights to managing conflict, wounding and obstacles
  • The most peaceful and compassionate ways you can transform the way you relate to others who seem to block your path
  • A new sense of inner peace and spaciousness that enables you to start forgiving yourself and others
  • How you can expand your capacity for dialogue, mediation and non-violent communication
  • Tools for helping others find greater peace within, and inspire them to become peacemakers
  • ...and more.

You’ll also hear about The Shift Network’s Peace Ambassador Training, beginning this March 7th, as well as the Summer of Peace 2012, an unprecedented event that will activate the largest global commitment to peace in one season in the history of humankind.

Join us for The 7 Initiations of a Great Peacemaker and start your initiation into becoming a deeply integrated, courageous and effective ambassador of peace in the world!


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One comment on “7 Initiations of A Great Peacemaker”

  1. James, We have met at IONs and also at the Alliance for a New Humanity in Costa Rica a few years ago. You are a great Master and Inspirer, and are undoubtedly making a great positive impact on the world. People who want peace and want to "be the change" can transform under your guidance. But what about those who drive wars and conflicts because they lack the ability to see the world your way, and who are blinded by their own fear and greed? - Don´t you think Auschwitz and Belsen and Buchenwald were filled with peace-loving people? - I know anyone can transform him- or herself if they so wish, but to transform those who really need to be transformed for us all to have peace, and who do not want to be transformed, is another matter. As I see it, that´s something we must address, if we don´t want to wait one or several more generations, to achieve the world peace we are yearning for.
    So how go about it? All kinds of violence are of course ruled out. But we have to not only go inside, but actively build an alternative society that can function independently of the warmongers presently in power, thereby depriving them of their support and their source of power. Because in the final anlaysis, they depend more for their power on us, the peace-loving people, than we depend on them. And it is when we realize this, and join forces to exercise our power "off the grids", that real change towards peace can occur.
    I have written an Action Plan for Shifting Paradigm as a manual on how to begin creating the desired changes in our society, and it can be ordered free of charge from the Contact page of my website http://www.ParadigmWatch.com
    I will appreciate all suggestions for improvements of it, how to make it even more effective and easy to implement. Please cooperate and send me your comments!

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