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What we see in the great teachings of the masters through the ages is that your consciousness modulates the energy around you. It's your consciousness that expands the energy or contracts the energy. So right there we have the primary map that says, wow, all of the show, all of the skills building has to relate to whether you're expanding or contracting your consciousness and, of course, what is it that expands and contracts your consciousness and particularly in difficult conflict situations.Ai

Peace Thought Jan 30 2013A great framer of this, of course, is the physics itself, the new physics of the last 50 years that tells us everything is energy. Matter is energy and, wow, there's something so important in this discovery because that energy is nonlocal. So whether you want it or not, whether you hate some people or you don’t, whether you're separated or not, we are all connected. That's what contemporary physics said. Energy is everything and everything is connected and it's connected nonlocally all across the universe.

Wow! That leads us more directly towards this energy conversation because it leads us into a conversation around fields. We've learned so much from Akashic field. I just wrote a blurb for Laszlo's new book on the self-actualizing Akashic field of universe, an incredible book that says there is a field beyond all fields. We call it the mother field. We can go from there from that Akashic field all the way through fields to the field around our own body. What's happening in that field is vital to your understanding of what's going to happen in conflict situations around you.

You mentioned that I was with the Kogis. We have to begin with those who are energy masters and the Kogis are energy masters. They're going to teach us something right now. When you go to a Kogi village you don’t just walk in. They meet you and they scan your energy field. These are deep energy masters. What they are doing is they're looking for elements of energies in your field that are unintegrated. What you're bringing into their village energetically, bringing on to their mountain energetically is most important.

And then they have a process if you're not carrying too much baggage. It helps you deal with it. This is the first process we're going to just attend to tonight in the Kogi philosophy and energy mastery practice. They say in your consciousness there it is, in your consciousness. Non-judgment clears the field. So before you go anywhere or any encounter in your life, you need to do some field clearing.

Ask yourself: What am I holding? How am I going to release that? And the answer is whether you're holding something about yourself or you're holding something about somebody you're in conflict or you're nervous about meeting, you feel that they're volatile and it's going to be difficult and you've got anxiety. The first thing the Kogis would have you do is be non-judgmental of yourself and others. Just look at that energy, look at that relationship and release it

They have a beautiful ceremony in which they put cotton balls into your index finger and thumb. And as you feel that vibration shift into your own energy field, you release the energy into the cotton ball. So you're doing energy clearing. Even I saw a couple was amazing. They were sitting down doing couples work, releasing the energy amongst themselves. And even the object of their household, there were several toys and objects and I noticed how they held them clear the energy around them, and then the children came and picked them up and started to play with them.

So they understood the energy isn’t just people. It's in things. It's in everything. That's a very good example of the very first principle we talked about. Consciousness modulates energy and the cleaner in the group is non-judgment

I learned that the Institute of Noetic Sciences is more about subtle energy. The Johrei masters, the Reiki master, there is research that show that even when you apply subtle energy you can through cells in a Petri dish, you can positively influence their health. And the principle here is that subtle energy organizes denser energy. We're talking here about Shakti, Prana, Qi -- all of those words or that subtle life force energy.    





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